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roy batty died for your sins.

get lazy, get gooey! trickle all into a puddle. that was my thursday night, & the better for it. first i got some shopping done, taking another big stride towards the completion of project x-mas. there is starting to be a build-up of presents under our tree. the season is upon us! out with the dark-lances & the cursed no-dachi! i also bought the biggest size jug of vodka, since i was excited to discover the price difference between my local gouging liquor shop & the one on 7th & union. so much cheaper i had to get the svedka nebuchadnezzar. then a jenny came home, & then a katja. i was locked in the bedroom for a little while so as to allow jenny to wrap spare change into a gift as the ballast of chicanery. i had promised katja she could watch the last episode of america's next top model that we'd saved, so we did that. caridee? come on. she walks like a moose! then the secret of the ooze was out, & we did smear into a blob.

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