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i just figured out that assuming batman is a 20th level character, he can in fact have an 18 in all of his stats. okay, bear with me here, because we've got to kind of dance a little. lets assume bruce wayne is a little tiny paragon sprat. str 12, dex 12, con 12, int 12, wis 12, cha 13. that spread can be done with the standard point buy of 25 points. now, during his whole journey to become the batman, assume that he gets the equivilent of whatever tome or manual that sensei/teacher is good at. which puts the newly minted year one batman at str 17, dex 17, con 17, int 17, cha 18. then at 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, & 20th level(s), he puts his extra attribute point into one of the 17s. so what, batman is a 5th level fighter/5th level rogue/10th level detective with an 18 in all of his attributes, right? good for you batman.

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