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bought a christmas tree & sold some books last night. well, mostly we sold jenny's books, since i don't like, you know, getting rid of things. except people! anyhow, the couple of used book stores near me are pretty hillarious. first off, i get a better vibe on 7th ave books; additionally, they bought $35.00 (thirty-five dollars) in credit worth of books. the other place next door, park slope books, has a bigger selection i think, & a more labyrinthine feel, but wasn't, i don't know, as sophia-soaked? anyhow, they bought $18.00 (eighteen dollars) in credit worth. both places used the confidence boosted method of "writing on index cards" to bestow the credit; 7th ave kept it on file under my name, & park slope just signed it & gave it to me. goodbye, a whole bunch of umberto eco! & old sci-fi that i collected off a stoop one day. goodbye. then we watched another wretched episode of the ghost of the gilmore girls. goodbye, good television show. goodbye. i also shaved & cut my hair! excitement!

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