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my post dnd-game allergies have been killing me, lately. i'm fine while i'm there, but as soon as i leave, all the saturated dust-mite livin' in mike & amy & nimh & luna & pointy's skin cells just swells up the ol' breather. wheeze, gasp. i kicked down a couple of decongestants last night (after a bout of insomnia) & that has made things better. i really need to remember to get me some antihistamines before next week's ravenloft game. this sunday's game was not what i expected at all; often your players will take you by the nose, or refuse to be taken by the nose. what i thought would be as easy as tying shoelaces ended up consuming most of the night. all well & good, really; as set pieces go, bernie's baba atahwa carriage is phenomenal, & emma's creepiness factor is pretty ruthlessly high. garrick's dumb tank facade is hillarious given his actual i.q., & balphus finally got to come out in regards to his actual level one character history finally. i've bred a group of psychotics. this weekend promises to be roleplaying chock-full; saturday is a big tmnt nostalgia session with simon, david, james, peter, maybe alicia, maybe christopher, bernie, & maybe mike. then like i mentioned, sunday we pit ourselves against the notorious strahd von zarkovitch!

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