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last night was a dreamsucker shebang for the both of us. just crawled out of the bed, in fact. green ribbon casino was the good one: in the green ribbon casino, everything was just the same as any other casino, except, if you were in the know about the secret methodology, there were "points" hidden all throughout the place. put your hand over the bunsen burner & the motion detector will turn it off, & you can get the point-chip. go into the unisex handicap bathroom, push up the tiles of the ceiling, & you can get another chip. sneak into the towel chute & there are some more. tell the pit boss "thulcandra" & you get a chip. secret passages, passwords, & dares, o my! that kind of blurred into another house dream. this one had white washed walls & mazed really curly que upward. i can't remember the sound of the persuing force; i remained calm & exploratory for most of it. the big discovery was the garden orrey. just vast, spinning astrolabes so big that even then you realize that your brain will rationalize down the size of them. thinking they were the size of a city block, or the borough of brooklyn, knowing that is underestimating their size, & that your mind can't dance well enough to remember them. & the giant girl who was tending to them. maybe she was the dead wife? soon i was her size. the third dream was just jenny & i sitting in a bathtub, & her slitting her wrists despite my advice. she wasn't doing it very well, but then kept trying to dig in the horizontal cuts without flinching, till i finally took the knife away from her.

she woke up in the middle of the night clutching to me fierce.

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