mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

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o winter stay long

peel your eyes because all these feathers arn't here for your health, or ours, or anyones. when there is time for an omen (time for a dark pumpkin, candle guttered) you better as well take heed. or have the crows claw out your peepers. or take away all your drinks, & put salt in them. you damn bastard angels. you won't get the better of me, i'm an old sea hand. i will lash myself to the wheel, i will wear your birds of ill favour & wed women in weeds. you'll have to do better than green hair & black nipples to turn my sword aside! where are your assurances of mutal destruction? your thrones of broken glass & wheels of fire? your soapbox derby boys & churchbell girls? i swim in cold waters, till the ice pulls me under. then get mothman.

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