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jenny likes to make fun of me on account of the fact that, despite this whole dangerously obsessed single white male thing i have for her, i still require a degree of personal space. for instance, when our work schedules align? o it is the worst ever. when she is awake in the mornings at the same time as me. i hate it. i need that space to, i don't know, read comic books until the last moment & then dive into the shower, not dodge you trying to get ready! so yeah, she likes to tease me. don't doubt my samurai devotion! is my threat. anyhow, i suppose that is why i am awake still (that & the humming ufos). i am streaching my legs! i will do whatever i want to do (as long as it is quiet!) you don't own me now! i could go to a gun show, or a unicorn bar-b-que!

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