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one time a 13 year old girl asked me for my sources regarding the collinwood school fire of 1908. it was perhaps one of the strangest conversations i've ever had. eventually i realized that my artifact of a webpage from when i was little better than her age was to blame. i tried to set her straight & fill her in on the top secret info that the reason my webpage claimed to have some insider info on the fire (169 fatalities) was because it was pretending that my vampire character had been responsible. she was confused & wasn't sure she believed me that vampires exsisted. i attempted to explain to her the gist of fiction, but she was having none. i ended up giving her permission to use my webpage as a source in some paper she was writing. just on my mind because i kept her screen name on my buddy list, so whenever i am online i can see if she is or is not. the internet makes me!

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