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forty-eight hours inside. went out twice, once for more liqour, once for albanian pizza. caught up on a lot of television that nobody but me cares about; mostly meaning teen titans. wrote lots of notes about my dungeons & dragons game; actually started concrete entries about the draoi & the salt-eaters in my little book of know-everything, for instance, & put together some of my notes on the mad monk prestige class that have been floating around. lessened in importance once the proactive player-characters inadvertantly stirred elias from his self-destructive spiral, but still, the levels he had in it count. outside, the ufos howl. man can you hear them. thanksgiving was with kira & nino & jodi, with kira's cook-fu in full effect. jenny brought a garbage can sized tupperware container for leftovers, so we've been floating in a sleepy haze off those cheap drugs. hey, i'm really trying to think if any notable events occured. our bathtub was refinished? the thing is, so much of what keeps me occupied is internal. maybe i used to be better at translating it down here. in effort, i mean, not in success...who measures that sort of thing in victories?

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