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did i mention i'm an idiot? i mean, it isn't that i had some kind of assurance of the basic value of human decency. but i did have some kind of understanding of the fear of getting caught. enough that i stupidly signed the little fedex "sign here!" sticker they left on the glass of our antechamber. i've been kicking myself since. since apparantly all they did was just drop it there at the door. i figured, you know, that they'd put it by the mailboxes, as i denoted on the form. some opportunist probably snatched the package up, & not that i blame them. everybody knows that opportunity breeds crime. breeds it like a borneo beekeeper breeds killer bees. fucking dorkasaurus rex me. it was bernie's (late) birthday present, too. dumb. i held a candle for the hope that my super had grabbed it, or another tenant, but i talked to ceasar, & the other option was just a shot in the dark. i will not be participating in such an method of package obtaining again.

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