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The Witchleech.

This guy here was the thing that started it all; attacked the player characters when Bernie's character, the sex-worker, went to the museum with Mike's character the bar musician, to try to fence some antique jewelry a trick had given one of the working girls. Gerd's character was one of the scribes at the museum, & the three of them were attacked by this creature. It blew out the lights with a gust of wind & then fucked around with them before snatching the pouch with the jewelry in it & scurrying off through an extra-dimensional space in the wall. The players bandaged up their still-bleeding wounds & started bonding together. It caused lots more trouble, like breaking their jack-o-lantern & letting the haunted space-suits attack them, & generally being a nuisance, until Gerd's character finally unmade if from exsistance by calling on the demiurge Final.
Tags: campaign1, oubliette

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