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i sort of really want to play teenage mutant ninja turtle & other strangeness tonight. i brought the transdimensional tmnt book to work to cheer james up, & he rolled a time lord apprentice mutant glyptodon with a physical beauty of twenty-three (out of 3-18). which basically reminded me of how completely fantastic the game is. anyhow, i've got a hankering to run some out of the book adventures some evening. then again, i also have a game to run tommorow, & i frankly don't know just how much dungeon mastering my attention span can hold. you know what i mean? already my oubliette sucks up a lot of my creative energy. which i'm happy to invest, but it sometimes seems to me like the tides are shifting back towards world-building. that said, i've got a decent ammount of dramatic tension built up, & with the slow leveling i've been using, it would be a cheap move to end the campaign, especially when i have discrete arcs in mind. maybe letting the goo of ideas congeal & get struck by lighting a few times is for the best. part of the problem is that i'm tempted to set the next campaign in the city of blaine again, since i've got such strong ideas for the future, based on my pcs & npcs actions. my plan is to bottle it up & use it in the next-next game. that should help pad the plausibility of things. i am just really enchanted with organic evolution, especially when it is of my own devising.

hey! i think the people who moved into the apartment downstairs are fighting with each other! which means that for sure that apartment is haunted. i mean, the last people who lived there? who even knew what was going on! there was like, two guys & a girl & they'd just throw each other around & break furniture & jenny would call the cops on them. terrific! i think most likely the dybbuk down there is slowly oozing its mojo into these new people's hearts. do you think it is the same as the poltergeist that made our walls drip blood? i can't be sure, as necromancy isn't my gig so much. but it is really great to see more possessing spirits. also, good that it isn't the horrible possessing zeitgeist of fort hamilton. remember when that used to take turns posessing me & jenny alternatingly, whenever we were drunk on the train? nice to not have that any more.

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