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wriggle, gordian knot. nooses around fmf's neck tighten & lo & behold the ghost train carries them on down to me. we'll see how these worms writhe. i'll sieve the bones from the muck either way. as for this cliff, doesn't it look like the perfect place to dash down your scruples from? hey, i don't know, i'm just a black candle behind a skull mask. roll on dub soldiers, slaves of the needle! you just keep on the kill wagon, & i'll tend to the eels & moths. & think about how trinkaus says that neanderthals & cro-mags interbred for sure, & that any debate "is now dead." wow, tough talk there, chappie! i mean, i always leaned that way, but revised my theories when the mitochondrial evidence came back looking like there was speciation, H.s.n. & H.s.s. no more. hey, & while i'm rambling? i borrowed secrets of xen'drik from mike, right? the inside flap of it has this big battle mural against a fire giant, with scorrow looming in the background? what the fuck kind of party do they have there? a two-sword style paladin, an elf sorcerer, a shifter barbarian, & a fucking warforged wizard? hey bitches, get a rogue in your party! the lack of cleric i dig, clerics are for losers.
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