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television tells me that exploding cars is the best thing ever is to why i had such a kick-ass laundry run as star-bellied sneetches is to cylons. my analogy may be akward & unwieldy one handed but it does 2d4 damage & crits on a 18-20! also, somehow i'm the only one who called 911? five minutes into watching the car burn & some guy goes "i guess i better...!" & starts dialing. no shit, sherlock! listen, i'm not a joiner, i'm a participator. i'm civic minded as hell! then there was this tiny, dissapointing pop, which supposedly was the gas tank exploding? fuck you, jackie chan! now i've got a punch & judy shows worth of wet delicate laundry to drape over couches. speaking of participating, i edited some hundred-twenty odd articles to conform with the new wikiproject i joined. then tried to cope with david's 70,000,000 BCE cowboy monkeys by dropping a DC-8 on them. i wasn't even kidding about dropping DC-8s on everything.

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