mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
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holy crap that was the biggest urban faux-centipede i've ever seen. seriously, so big that when i threw it in the toilet, wrapped in a paper towel from the crushing, blood came out. so big that when i pee'ed on it, to make double use of the flush, a million little legs scattered off of it. what the hell is that shit. i am glad i killed the dragon bug while jenny was away in chicago. i'm down with you, you amazing machines, but don't fuck with my girlfriend, okay? i might kill you either way (evolution, bitches!) but seriously. i'll get downright annoyed. speaking of evolution, i admit it, once i figured out the secret of the church of the nova, i sort of threw the H. floresiensis in as payback. & kind of made the nurses H. neanderthalis. but it was all fmf who made it all planet of the apes!

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