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up the chimeny & out, at the last moment! bernie's documentry was delayed, giving my fine self just enough time to lay my finger alongside my nose & appear in a twinkle. afterwords, he & his volk were off to dinner & perhaps shortbus. as i wasn't hungry, & can't see shortbus without jenny, i flitted along, tra la la. ended up at katja's, were we played video games & watched cartoons. stellar, i'm telling you-- fucking stellar. came home when jenny's text messaged loneliness hit my scene, & watched the end of Mad TV. this morning spent messing around with image uploads to wikipedia. hopefully robots won't come scream at me again for stealing...i took the photos myself & as book covers they are legitimate fair use. anyhow, here is to me as sole contributor to several articles! made coffee & a sandwich, as well. the "poison apple," which is a portugese roll drenched in balsamic vinegar & olive oil, apple-smoked provalone, & honey roasted turkey. she said i put too much vinegar, but i think it really tasted like fruit.

Tags: jungle woman, lionpinball, photos

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