mordicai caeli (mordicai) wrote,
mordicai caeli

party! we had a couple of folks over the old homestead, rustled up some varmits & some grub, had ourselves some sasparilla tea & a few mint juleps or four. fordmadoxfraud came from work with me, dodging the deluge. we grabbed some burittos & headed to my apartment to eat with pravda. "where did you go, ambrose bierce?" the question haunted me & i was so distracted that i devoured the whole thing! i meant to do it, i mean! then there was a couple of episodes of the teen titans until ranai & joe showed up, & then as we were mixing some cocktails, who should appear but carla. the whole gang gathered, we started our lost mini-marathon, since we hadn't had a chance to see last weeks on account of pretending to be a cat-person & a waterfall. i think i actually liked the first two episodes of season 3 quite a bit. you don't know where you stand & there isn't TOO much of "oh noes emotional turmoil!" then, as per the usual, there was america's next top model for our viewing pleasure. i actually thing there is a good crop of girls this "cycle." anyhow, by then we had drank all of the "three berry" juice joe brought; heck, we'd drank all the vodka between the six of us. we tried to conjure shots out of thin air with the jim beam i had left from iphisol & my the descent adventure, & mixed it with some rose's lime (despite carla's protests). then we killed the bottle of wine lickity-split, & even the straggling beers in the fridge. with the liquor gone, it was time for everyone to go. then we fell into bed together giggling & tickling like little school girls. she's got a mouth on her like a school girl, i'll tell you what!

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