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we're more than half-way done with Jungle Woman of the Jungle! well, really, since today is the last day, yesterday was the half-way point but QUIT INTERUPTING! last night's show was SOLD OUT. as in, turning them away at the door, people sitting legs akimbo on the floor, the whole shebang. not to shabby, & once again i continued my tradition of not fucking up! in fact, i think the last two nights i've done pretty well, thank you very much. the crowd last night was also crazy responsive, which was pretty cool...laugh at all our jokes! then agenesis took a picture of me where i look like glen danzig, all shaking my fists at heaven. did i mention i do a fair bit of that? also a fair bit of cleaning myself like a cat. which the crowd does seem to enjoy...perverts. today is the matinee, which i don't know what to expect from, & then our final show.

also, did i mention that i went to go see the mountain goats twice last weekend? the first show of their we went to, last halloween, was just about the best show ever on both my list & jenny's, so we went crazy with the booking. the first show was at this sleazy european style dance club, all smoke machines & strobing black-lights. what??? at the stroke of eleven they mountain goats had to be off stage for the time on sprockets when we dance. the second show was at the bowry ballroom, which was better. maybe the martinis we had at the asian pub with andrew & katja helped, huh? or the cocktails we had at the show. anyhow, neither show kicked anywhere near as much ass as last years, but i chalk it up to the promotion of a sad record. cruel fate!
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