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we've had two shows so far of ravenface's Jungle Woman of the Jungle! so far i think the first show went much better than the second, but that i personally was superior in the second show. the first gave me a chance to iron out some kinks, get used to delivering religious sermons in front of a crowd, that sort of thing. tonight will, with luck, be the synthesis of the two; a good show over-all with my performance as a shining jewel in its crown. the theater isn't that big, but it isn't embarassingly small or anything like that; it seats 40 comfortably, & we've had about that both nights. my costume is pretty awesome. it is hard to believe we're not even half-way through yet, but it is a true thing. the crowds the two nights so far have been complete opposites in what they thought was funny. i'm interested to see how tonight's audiance reacts.

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