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don't be british!

dear livejournal. i admit it. i am a cheater, a low-down dirty cheater. but i'll try to make up for it, you know? went to go see the mountain goats with jenny, andrew, & danielle. danielle lives in new york now; it is my top secret plans to be bff. anyhow, the show was at some polish dance club, & we had to wait outside in a line even with will-call tickets. the show itself was good, 11:00 the (black-)lights came up & the fun was over. seriously, the place was all smoke machines & strobing black-lights, & they really did kick them off the stage to get a dance party started. a gross, trashy, european dance party. sometimes i guess i've got to give credit to those puritans. anyhow, sunday we're going to go see the mountain goats again, with katja & jeffrey. i miss my katja. so that will be nice. today was videogames, reading, cartoons, sex, laundry, cancelled chat-back (aka chipotle & margaritas), & jenny cooking up some buffalo wings. now we're waiting for snl to come on. we're the only creatures that like snl, jenny & me. it has gotten weird...edit: not only do we think saturday night live is funny, but we think it is uproariously funny.

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