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the angel in the wishing well.

a big pet-peeve of mine when i was playing vampire: the masquerade was the persistant & ignorant complaint that the creation mythology of the game was too judeo-christian. the myth, in sum, is that caine-with-an-e, first murderer, is the father of all vampires. that "mark of cain" mentioned in genesis chapter four is in fact the whole vampirism thing. he then goes on to make three vampires who between them make the thirteen so-called antediluvians, the founders of the modern vampire bloodlines. now, i have a slew of reasons why it bugs me. firstly, there is plenty of judeo-christian mythology that isn't rubbish. bunches! but these same bitches who are complaining are the ones who think brimstone demons & raphaelite angels are cool. fuck them! also, the whole vampire "thing" is pretty heavily euro-christian, you dig? the popular conception of it, i mean. so to have your in-game reported mythology have a christian tint? given that, you know, the elders of the vampire world are by & large the product of a europe where the catholic church was a bigger factor in people's lives than the television is today? shit kind of makes sense. most importantly though? was the fact that the caine story was told as a pre-biblical mesopotamian myth that was laterally reported in the bible! which is to say, as noah to utnapishtim, so cain to caine. & even more so, it was overtly hinted that the myth was in fact a transplanted african myth. which is to say, dawn of time shit. i think the old v:tm story was the proper balance of fable & confused reporting...i mean, given that vampires (un)live forever, you'd think 10,000 years or so shouldn't be a completely insurmountable obstacle to an oral history.

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