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& so it came to pass, that in those days, there was iron, burned black in the fires of muspelheim. mordicai, best loved herald of the kali yuga, tasted of apples. he did! he tasted of liquors & found them more to his taste. ho! what a jolly time. that would be professor lander's apple tasting party, there. lots of apples & apple wines. i was "imPEARed" by one combo. what can i tell you! then, claws, fangs! hiss! that night, i dreamt only of zombies, from both sides of the rot. in the morning i crept out to the couch where jenny was sleeping & i had to ask her "baby? are zombies real yet?" because i was so confused. then there was fun! hanging out with carla! okay. then, ever closer seeped the date of his play, "jungle woman of the jungle." at least i (pretty much) know my lines! & will be wearing a unitard, maybe? cats! also i started a new gene wolfe book! & bought the borges' cryptozoanomicon, & (finally) the vampire: the requiem book that i'd resisted so long. i think i'm still on the team of resisting it, but i'm warming to the world of darkness again.

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