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i had this dream that i was allowed to carry my sword around, but not everywhere. it was a lot of bullshit. anyhow, i hooked my sword up around a telephone pole with a kryptonite (tm) bike lock & went away to, i don't know, minnesota for the weekend. but due to events, i was abandoned & stranded. when i came back, my sword was broken! some idiot had rolled his van over the blade, shattering it. that's right. isildur gets sauron to break his fucking narsil broken & i get a fucking soccer mom. anyhow! from there, excitement, since i decided i was going to get some half-goth john howe wanna be to reforge it. basically my favorite. it turns out, 666 bitches. the endgame was ushered in!

i think i might get a tattoo.

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