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i spend large parts of every day singing the pop music of yesterday while replacing all the words with lyrics about how my hands are knifes, & i am cutting your face with them. the parts of each day when i'm not singing about my hands being knives are filled with stray thoughts of my hands being knives. it is an exciting time to be alive! my girlfriend came back from her two week sojourn. she brought me back asphalt from the labrea tar pits! i was a faceful of smilodons, then. instead of waking up i think going back to bed to wrap her up in a mordicai is a far better tactical plan, but needs must, i suppose. then again, the jury is still out on whether the whole universe imploded back when the clock rolled over to 2000. least, jenny & i have no memories of that night from midnight till four am. the clock struck, i dumped a bottle of champagne over kira's head, & then blammo! darkness. one explanation is roofies, but the other is the kali yuga. & i sure feel like this is the age of iron.

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