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last glass of wine, otherwise i'm going to stay up all night doing wikipedia edits & creating new articles for tmnt & other strangeness, or just blabbering away on the wikitalk page for cassandra cain. yes, i'm excited about the teen titans east rumors. when they turn into something more than rumors, i'll probably be on comic geek cloud nine. until then, i'll try not to think about her chatty cathy appearance in robin too much, you know? anyhow, i get my jenny back tommorow. i got a little bit crazy this morning. i do it sometimes. i don't even want to talk about it, don't want to rehash it. i mean, what can there be to talk about really anyhow? just a dull ache that sometimes surfaces. nothing new or important. just a hurt. nothing special. feeling glum! the loom doesn't normally catch on that needle so much except when she's gone any how, you know? & heck. to blame it on her might be a tragic mistake. she didn't invent this abandonment mythology. though she might have waxed it. that one time. smoking cigarettes in bed while....see? i'm dodging astray here. she's my glitterboy! she's what i follow through to armageddon. i'm just looking for a nail to hang this frame on. she'll be home tommorow. & a few days after that, it will all be okay! man, o no. hey, she said she's done a good job remembering that brooklyn still exsists. not any less worrying! she's going to come home & be unable to deal with me. welcome to SCIENCE FACT. it is how it will go down. i was going to try to use tonight to shave & maybe cut my hair, but you know what? i can do that tommorow while she's circling me unable to digest the fact that a monster is trying to creep in her bed.

hey! did i mention i got bit by a black widow! i total did (probably not)! i have these KILLER bug bites on my arm. bug bites are double sucky these days, since they make me paranoid about bed bugs, but i did a while full spectrum search & came up empty. i mean, i ran the geiger counter over this joint & then again. but you should see how deformed my arm is! it could be a first reaction to the mosquitoes, sure. they love my gypsy blood (more science fact). but i found this shrivelled little husk of a mini-spider here. & i am pretty sure it is a black widow. i have it here. i have it. i am looking at it. i will get powers & shit from it. then she'll be sorry she wasn't here to be my girlfriend. then she'll be sorry. seriously, i need my teen dream! where is she? without her to dote over, how am i supposed to spend my time? it turns out that i am (possibly) infatuated with her. damn it damn it damn it. shit. what am i even doing awake! to bed with you, asshole!

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