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pulled down another 13. don't know what much to say about that. my winning question today was "if you were a government agent & the customers in the store were people living in innsmouth? what percentage of them would you murder with your submarine?" the answer turned out to be near forty percent, but then, other people are maybe more conservative than me. also the guy in the flash t-shirt who got pissy because i wouldn't stop ringing up the customers standing in line to look up book prices for him. "you've got to wait in the line with everybody else pal!" says me. "but i don't want to buy anything, just see what the prices are so i can compare them with online!" fuck you buddy. i'm not here to make you not spending money on us any easier, no matter your over-blown sense of ridiculous entitlement. yeah! so now i'm going to drink this amstel & then we'll mosey on back to the barbed wire encircled homestead. oh, homestead, right! did i mention the landlord-company is raising my rent, so we're going to move? that is the true story!

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