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oreb: "fish heads?"

it was while taking the poll here that i became cognizant of the fact that i really, really like blibdoolpoolp. first off, how cool would an aspect of blibdoolpoolp be? sure, it would have to be draped in sea weeds & fishing nets, but that very same pg-13ness is part of the allure. i mean, how creepy is an idol of a naked woman with a lobster head & claws? ew, am i right? secondly, what is up with her clergy having more flavor than literally any other church in dnd? i mean, with the priests being called "whips" & there being a martial arm to the church comprised of monks called "moniters," there is just the slightest peppering of detail; just enough to give you material to run with without being a straight jacket. her primary worshippers, the kuo-toans are kind of lack-luster as deep one pastiches, but i think a nice derro cultist could really bring some horror-at-the-point-of-a-knife to a party of classic adventurers.

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