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new employees amok or "textbook rush: the sickening"! meister's party! danielle in town! andrew & lauren-- we buy a 9 volt battery just for the tingling taste! play practice: the third act! katja & jeffery or "how much is 'a lot' of vodka"? dnd: the confrontation with magdela myrdal pym! adventures in the darken wood! jenny in arizona! john mark karr versus john mark kitt! flying-- so dangerous only bugs & dinosaurs can do it! dildorangs-- pickles shaped the dodos that you throw...into people's butts & vaginas! the mighty sorcerers who cheated mankind of its birthright by wrenching the sun from the earth's orbit, & how pluto got the short end of the donkey stick! does a dwarf planet get a +2 against poison? my first wikipedia merger & i hit 200 articles! chronic insomnia: strikes back!

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