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ladies love (walking on broken glass)

tommorow danielle is going to rock this joint & it will NOT be clean. jenny left me today! she left me, me clinging on to her tights with my claws, kittenish. i'm not sweating it yet. i've got more clay in my than the golem! i just fold up my hands & wander around my apartment like a mantis. i can't even complete a single fucking episode of carnivale. you see, i have convincing to do! come on soldiers i have a rousing speech prepared! "o cuz!" is the first sentence of my diatribe. the rest is the usual "what are the launch codes you bastards!" sort of run of the mill sort of build a better mouse trap nonsense. but really why bother when everyone knows you can leave the good stuff to the TERROR BEARS! am i having deja vu or do i talk about the terror bears all the time? the more i think about it the more i convince myself that i couldn't possibly have talked about TMNT enough. anyhow! i bought a novel about a heroic squirrel! i figure, maybe i'm into that? i sure liked watership down a whole fucking bunch. heads up on you sleepers? the best comic of last week was the spider-woman issue of new avengers.

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