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i was a little dissapointed that saturday's secret mission seemed little more than a rehash of the best buy mission from april. not in a big way, & i don't mean to complain. but it kind of was just a redux. we all got together, synchronized our watches, went to home depot on 23rd street, & waited. at the appointed time we all shopped in slow-mo for five minutes. then we went back to regular speed. then at the next appointed time we froze in place for five minutes. then we left. when we slo-mo'ed, i didn't notice anyone really notice us. maybe a little, but moving in slow-motion & not looking like you are just dwaddling is hard. freezing was much better; sales reps kept getting on my face & asking if they could help me & then, when i didn't respond, moving on to the next agent. over-heard statement of "see, i told you i wasn't crazy! people we moving in slow-mo & now they are frozen!" & its ilk. i hope for the official report to have some good info to glean. anyhow, afterwords we went to shake shack & had the most ridiculous food. an apple-stuffed bratwurst? & don't even get me started on the shack-attack.

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