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just like old times.

rub my hands together with glee like the cricket of malice i am, sitting on the shoulder of this wooden boy here. things were touch & go for a moment there, when they didn't have any chicken cutlets at the deli. that domino triggered a chain of events that might almost have spelled total ruin! but i took jenny to the burrito joint to meet with andrew & lauren. whew! disaster was staved off another day! fasces win again. after dinner (i drank an enormous cup of sangria!) we choo-choo'ed into manhattan. i left return to the whorl at home! no book for reading?!

welcome to the johnstons! literally smells like a garbage truck. when we first got there we were sitting on the couch & recliner, which, uh, i was frankly uncomfortable with. nothing that absorbs fluids, please! so we left the mildewy seats for better fare when they became available. i played some galaga with luc, but it turns out i kind of suck at it. we also played with the handcuffs that andrew & lauren had bought. then i punched a guy in the face!

not really that interesting of a story, really. earlier, lauren & i had been outside smoking, & she was talking to some people from buffalo (her source) & then had sort of turned around & decided she was done with them when the bulldog "i exercise my arms but not my legs" guy in a wifebeater came over. anyhow, unrelated to that, i popped him one. a little. we were waiting in line for the bathroom & he tried to cut in front of me! so i was like, "okay, i'm just going to assertively go ahead when the door opens, since, uh, who the fuck is the alpha here?" & then when i went to go in, he grabbed both my arms & said, "oh no you don't, i'm going in there." so, you know, that didn't fly. then we tustled a little. he had the lower center of gravity & sort of spun me into a wall & then i kind of shook him. you know. not a real fight. then the pool players pulled us apart. then i went to the bathroom. he came out at the same time (about), & my "witty" & "scathing" snark was "nice one, 'roidrage." which, uh...burn? or not. but then i sat back down & went back the discussion. after a few minutes of huffing & puffing, he & his crew left the bar, & i turned to lauren & said "hey, i punched that guy in the face." & then everyone was all WHAT?!. so i told them the story as i have related here. then we split. & at home had rough sex. it was a good day to be pack alpha!

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