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lesson number one: never trust the bagpipes.

few had expected the white hart to make war, but we of magog were glad. you cannot understand the empire of magog, even now, even when you see the dragons swarm upon the ice. we were black before the ice. i will not deceive you- i did not rule there, but instead my cousin gog did. you may think ill of him but for a time he neared the shine of my brother terminus. so the city-kingdom of the angels was born, while none yet lived who could speak or think. oh, now, how i am glad to have made the wikipedia entry for the inhumi, for how much can one hate those vampires that come willingly to the table? keep your secrets from me if you will. you have forgotten the root of cleverness. you may call me cunning & seek to trick me, if you will. you will have forgotten, however, that our power comes not from the games i play but instead from the nature of the creatures we are. you may, in fact you will, think you have won some game. you will have grasped some thread & thinking yourselves theseus, you will crow your prize. o you dear idiots. you embody my hate. to have a though & squander it! oh idiots. i hate that i might think a proper nihililst wise. i hate that i might entertain the notion of a Living Human. i do not, let me be clear. but the threat of one scares me. if one of you could "get" it, i would most certainly have to revise my opinion on the nature of the universe. lucky me! it has not. so samsara lives on! beat hindusim.....go!

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