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"when i was just a wee lobster in my mother's uterine tract..."

don't worry, mother worm! grandmother salt will take care of everything, & she has brought grandmother vinegar with her for good measure. they were so upset that the movie was sub-titled instead of dubbed that i would not get in the way of them for anything! with their slow, measured piano playing & the scissors in the front pockets of their pinafores, always the scissors. but they brought the nautilus with them. how will the tentacles play against the dinosaurs! i could not tell you, but speaking with simon today i realized why the dinobots kick the crap out of devestator all the time. listen, a steam shovel (for instance) is basically a robotic shovel, right? but grimlock can turn into a robotic dinosaur! if the robots cancel each other out, you are left with a shovel versus a dinosaur. even if the shovel & the drill & whatever combine voltron style, a tyranosaurus rex & stegosaurus rex &c. are basically going to kick the crud out of them. there, i said crud instead of shit, granny salt, will you give me peace? will you give me rest? or will i have to take it. take it in my hands, with the scissors. carve it out of the bodies of many children? at last answers! but sing more in the tongue of the old country in my ear mother worm. you know i am heart broken, heart sick, hollowed out with this. i am a candle behind a mask. mother worm these are your mothers! now lets to the soup. i did not kill & skin these unicorns to let granny vinegar overcook them!

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