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slow-worm & the megatherian.

red is a shambles, a wreck of petrified forests & dead iron towers linked by those black, depthless canals. carved up like a winter solstace turkey. the great mummy-wraiths of the watchers flit between red & green lustily as they cojoin, casting their baleful eyes at blue. great kraken-things buried in salt, as so many of their breed were. but now is the time of the interdict. now the scream of the sun is dulled by the firmament. still the nautilus keep their dreams & cherish them. still the great old things carry in their skulls the black opaline kiss of nessus. do not mourn that the vaults of ys were cracked by furious wrath. these days end, in time. the hand without is casting its shadow across the light & soon no more. soon zmei comes & all the works of man will be but stones within his gizzard. be a good girl & take your medicine. let silent lie the graven idol.

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