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vinegar vinegar vinegar!

they fed vinegar to the christ on the cross, but they fed it to me at the bar-b-que! then they carted me away & left a sewn up burlap mordicai in my bed & it fooled you all! you'll be wearing widows-weeds for weeks! if they'd've really been my friends they would have just fed me vodka then a healthy dose of teflon coated lead. i'm still tickin', coppers! i'm an optical computer the size of jupiter in a convenient mordicai shape...the better for biting you, my dear! o woe is me, woe, i am too full of spiders & gillygum to do anything besides wail at the crawl-spaces. which have inherited the mantles of long-dead science, as of this very afternoon! HOLOlisp to hollow-lisp & mirror-lithe along for the ride, & a tip of the hat to jenny. a very sly how-do-you-do-ma'am & a wink! i'm chortling, INSIDE MY HEAD where you can't stop me coppers, i'm the king of the faerie-moons (& speaking of moons, the connections between lune/ysp & corvus/hyranya are ever so clear now). dammit i do need a drink.

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