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for wizardry, wyvrens are best.

the sinking of kham brought living hell to Green far more than it did to Blue. when Red would rise in the sky of Green, dozens of days at a time, the endura came from the ruined steadings of Red, & with them the lightning. its fimament gone, its skies always flooding, Green was drowning. & as kham fell into Ys, o we did howl & yell! o misfortune, for none heard us but the zmei, grown old while the sun was still dim. the zmei, who at our call did come & with them the demons of the pale! o Blue, raise up your armies! bury your graveyards! o troglodytes rise up from your copses! o murgatroyds come down from your chandelier city! soon we sleep forever, for we cannot bear the thunder again.

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