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it isn't as funny without the voices.

there is a new protector on the streets of gotham city: SPURS! spurs wears cowboy spurs & is naked underneath his trench coat. his secret identity is the owner of the gotham nightclub "the g-spot," as "spurs," the drag queen impersonator of gotham city vigilante spurs. his friend & cousin, sombrero, wears a mexican sombreo, says "ole!" & is naked underneath his trench coat. spurs' catch phrase is: "hey batman. wanna go ride on the subway?"

there is a new protector of gotham city: THE GEISEL! "what do you think, the geisel? is he guilty or innocent?" "would he, could he, with a knife? would he, could his wife?" "the geisel, help! we can't stop solomon grundy!" "hop on pop!" "how did you know that poison ivy killed all these people in gotham park, the geisel?" "i speak for the trees." also, he kidnapped the lindbergh baby.

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