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court this morning was a bit of easy action. all they do is make me take a thirty minute class on the quality of life. i shut up & wish everyone else would, too. hey, the less you talk about how you didn't spend a year in iraq to get a ticket for having your dog off the leash? the quicker we get out! when you stop demanding answers from the social worker as to why the police target the projects for enforcement, the sooner she will be done talking! then of course signing out, i find that the hobo who was in the class has scrawled his signature across from my name. thanks tyrone, you fucking idiot! still, i suppose i can't complain too much, as i was home at about 11:30. now in six months they will have expunged my record of the horrible blight of my "quality of life crime." man, can't i be a career quality of life criminal? that sounds like the sweetest of gigs to me, like a thousand violins.

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