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'Aats a way to do it! because dammit we know i'm mister punch. though during today's game i'm il dottore, the prideful old doctor. of course, the balor kills everyone else in the party. well, the deck of many things we find did in the monk/paladin/half/vampire that bernie is playing. il dottore isn't some shrinking violet. he casts all kinds of buff spells! sure, he didn't rescue urian the dread necromancer, but he wanted to. i didn't know that the balor had only one attack of opportunity! i didn't. anyhow, the cornugon that the disciple of baalzebub had summoned, combined with me buffing up on the ethereal plane? unbeatable, though i didn't even come close to showing off. but now i guess i'm rhaxes re (i write it rxsr since i am all post-lingua) favored son. no problemo boss guy- i'm favored soul & loremaster; i promise i know some fucked up shit! in fact, if i told you what i knew? i'd die in 24 hours! how is that for exclusive.

i'm talking about games to avoid talking about my life. i don't know- as a joke on "the restraunt," the advocate said the first three things she asked about were sex, money, &...a third thing i don't remember. it struck a chord with me, but not a bell that can't be un-rung, so to speak. things with jenny are really the focal point right now. i don't want to make it the object of intense scrutiny, since i vibe that that plan would fuck me, but still. lately, she's been doing a good job, a genuinely good job, of letting me know she love me & values me. which is a big deal. the communication deal is ace. but right? it leads into the sex issue. i'm trying to figure out how to play those cards. anyhow, it is rough, but not unbreakable. but apparantly i've played the stalwart card often enough. i have to call her on her shit now. tricky! i have to toe the line, but i guess it shouldn't be that rough. all i know is that i unequivocally love her, no later recant possible, no if &s or buts. i genuinely want her- i think that should make sense? i don't know. i don't want to push, but at the same time...yeah. she's really hot.

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