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hey! lets talk about politics! i saw the absolute fucking political thingamagig today! it was pretty simple, too, just a guy with a "no war for oil!" bumper sticker. but lets think about that for a fucking minute. firstly, just lets grok the "no war for oil" bumper sticker. on his car. so right there is the huge, overwhealming irony. the killer thing new york! i mean, new york is one of those places where you can legitimately be all "no, i take public transit for the environment's sake." take the fucking train, jack-ass! don't fucking tool around brooklyn in your busted up station wagon acting all "no war for oil!" your lazy as is the reason there is war for oil! you owning a car in the middle of a public transport saturated neighborhood is a gigantic fucking symptom! i mean, even if every fucker who didn't need to be on the road turned in their keys, we'd still need war for oil. since, you know, america is a huge country of people who arn't substinance farmers. but don't get your holier than thou shtick on while being a major offender. literally the only thing you could have done to be more retarded about things would be to have an suv. okay? aaaargh. hahahah. so that was my laugh-life to the grocery store today. wouldn't it be great if people went to africa & came back all "oh man, refugee camps suck. america should definately do whatever it needs to do to keep that shit from happening here!" & then they'd be all "oh also, what the fuck? forget hunting & the second amendment! how about motherfucking the second amendment to to alter & abolish?"

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