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the long dark.

the thing is that all this dying sun literature is seeping into my brain kind of inevitably. i started off knowing the the sun of urth was poisoned by sunspots, before i even knew it was called urth, that i'd just lift that fully from severian's world, justifying it with the oerth of greyhawk. just as i knew it was all folded into the cornor of a single room. now though i struggle against the urge to leap & bound through ages. i'm fairly certain that in the next iteration of my game there will be a split between the confederacy & the orthodoxy. probably also a bit of fire-salt & brimstone seeping in; all that precious alchemy. though having tracked things to this point, i think that The Great World is inevitably joined to blaine. the turning of westcastle to witchcastle is the big legacy of the players, & i have to admit i find it adorable. i should, though. i birthed it. speaking of books, why can't i find a damn copy of brother termite?

been spending a mite too much of my nights thrashing in the dark. whatever i am inside is welling up & you know how it tears right through me like chainsaw. how i love that dark that smashes any firefly that dares flare within it. sleep isn't the friend of mordicai, no sir. honeycomb me a citadel & then we shall see, won't we? though when you build it we will find that it is the haunt of the six pillars that pervades the mythology written on the inside of my skull, the script of its sutures. so old familiar torment, i find we havn't come that far after all! i always have the shadow of that blood clot to keep me company. & the book of my palms to stare at, though with my face cradled in their dip, how am i supposed to read? my, will you just listen to my litany of antique complaints? the more things change, eh old fellow?

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