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today i went to a taping of the daily show with nine of 26, where the guest was al gore. sitting in the humidity for a million years is the suck, but it was totally worth it to be there. the guy who was preping the crowd (who says vaudville is dead!) was all "so how did you guys meet?" & i had to be all "i'm not telling you under any circumstances." so then he moved on, but still, fun! afterwords, we hurried hurried to union square, got salad bar from whole foods (that weird "oriental salad" flips my switches baby!) & then went to see superman with imogen & her boy. also james, who late? like, showed up AFTER the showtime! but it all worked out. i spent my time chatting with chance outside of forbidden planet. anyhow, so then, superman!

Poll #758434 superman returns!

super man is how much better than jesus?

two times.
ten times.
one hundred times.
so much, so much better.

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