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there isn't really a good post to be made out of "akfALK;SDHJFASLKDNvclkjnliouafsdlkj" is there? what if i tell you that i'm kind of pearly? but then you'll say i'm all black & i've got a curse on me that makes manta rays & sharks try to eat you if you hold on to me. or maybe i'll slip up when talking about the difference between caeli & ife. you know? clarifying. or at least it seems like butter burning onto the pan. my fingers keep ending up at this knot on my head. now i guess it is the time for the east coast to tuck into bed? tuck into beg. on your knees before sleep, who is dreams. i just want to put crowbars threw my skull today. i've been on the zig. & i suppose the zag, here & there. i've been crystal lake when i've needed to be, jason. sleep on old friend. not that i think i've seen a friday the 13th in its entirity. but zag all you want, zig. 50% (fifty percent) of the time you'll end up dead in the box. which, shit. makes me only think about wheel-locks. spinning tornados of sparks. sparks make me confused. i guess fire & electricity make me confused, or at least the line between. it doesn't help that leibniz's monads won't stop staring at me! kill kill kill. can't we be sick of singing yet?
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