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"High Pitch Polytone" (Disc 2, track 39 of The Conet Project) is really when it starts blowing your fucking mind away. I mean, I set out this morning with the plan of listening to all 4 discs straight. I'm pretty sure that was how the Creeper got his powers. Now at this point, I'm pretty sure I'm done listening to music & will only listen to numbers stations forever. As soon as "High Pitch Polytone" came on, I turned to fordmadoxfraud & was all "Oh, man, this right here is awesome. Incessant droning without mercy is perfect when it isn't in to high a register. Man." Then, as soon as it goes all berserker, I hear dantelong call out from the front of the store "Bwah!" which is Bajan for "Yeah!" Man oh man, music is so stupid. & they've been doing this shit since 1911 or some insanity? Fuck yeah, bwah.
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