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i've been tired.

the clams have been clam-like, clamesque. the worly-gog guns have been spinning. basically the cogs have been crushing. nothing empty unless you count of meaning! which you might want to. i havn't really had a chance to be anything lately, & even now i'm tilled under the soil. i won't come back till you've beaten the plowshare into swords. i shouldn't sound so mired in doldrums though! sunday was dungeons & dragons with the boys, & me marveling at the interesting properties of density when applied to space travel. i think i might just adopt that as part of my rejection of post-newtonian physics. then monday i went over to katja's & jeffrey's & we played all black lodge, speaking the deep riddles into whispering gumdrops. other than that most of my day today has been filled with me imagining that the "AWR AWRK AWRK AWRK!" of the tusken raiders is actually them shouting "WE WERE THE FIRST RACE OF MEN!" at everyone, filled with such venom & hate. the more i think about it, the more i think about ur-races of every ilk!

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