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hanging out with cortney helps me exhale. you would think that by now something would have dimmed, but whenever i get a chance to see her it is always, i don't know, a sharp pain to the chest. you would think that things could have been handled better. that maybe somehow one of the best evers wouldn't linger in a territory half-estranged. everytime we hang out i always think there might be a chance that the gulf could skinny. i'd like the chasm to close a little. usually it is a fool's gambit, but then, i've never been anything but. just...a weight removed from the press when we're a team. tonight we went out for dinner with dyani & her boy & her boy's artistic collaborator. an italian place where i ordered my food based on garlic & broccoli rabe. also, a chance to adventure to chelsea, which i never do. a line? bah! after that we went to the gallery where the boy's installation was. they pretend to be chimney sweeps, no joke! we drank a little whiskey there, & then went to a place i had trepedations about. some bulgarian dance club? in the end, it appears to have been a hoax! dyani is upset but then the day is saved by mordicai, who suggests the hat (or, if you prefer, el sombraro). margaritas! cortney is a little snappish at one point, but apologises (weird! being apologised to). then the departure is anti-climactic. i sort of saw that coming, predicting a sleepy good-bye. probably easiest, rather than making a whole thing out of it. though of course it is a thing, as it will always be a thing. then, waiting for the train, i met the guy i'd met before! "hi, i met you with dave!" "imogen." "right!" so me & that guy talked about girls on the train ride home. he tried to scam me into sharing a cab, but then on my patient insistance, the train came! price tag for all this? low! sure, dinner was a little bit more than i'd usually shell out, but drinks were cheap, & since i was being prudent, there weren't that many of them. all in all, this cortney visit was a sterling success in my book, concurrantly, i think i pulled my weight in the ledger column. really though, it is like a physical effect, her minor sojourn. i suppose there just arn't that many individuals i can trust enough. & cortney is one of them. she knows me to the thick of the bone & then some.

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