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minion of the star vampires!

as someone who strongly entertains the notion of a governments viability in a transhumanist future (i'm looking at you, fascism!), i relish the opportunity to suborn myself to the great cogs & gears of justice! & so jury duty was like a dream come true! a very, very boring dream. i walked on coal to prove my worth (trial by ordeal! suck on that, teevee's diane sawyer!) & then was carted up to the courtroom to be voir dire-ed. i ended up being in the last half dozen interviewed, along with the two girls that became my jury-duty-pals. i'm pretty sure that i was ruled out during the "you or anyone close to you been the victim of a crime" portion of the questioning, but i also got yelled at by a wizard! when the judge asked if anyone had any outstanding bussiness with a law enforcement agency, i coped to having a summons for an open container violation (brought to you by the good folks at the bar-b-que in the park foundation). the judge asked "so, you were drinking on the sidewalk or some such?" & i was all "yeah, pretty much." & then he jokingly said "haha, you might not have wanted to acknowledge that on the court record!" & i was like "doh." so as we were filing out, i off-handedly remarked "it is no big deal, i was going to plead guilty anyway." & the judge CLEARED THE ROOM. he was all "everybody out, you stay, council approach the bench." & i was all "i just didn't want to interrupt the proceedings by replying earlier!" & they were all "huh?" & then i was all "...about my summons?" & they were all "OOOOOHHHHHHH we thought you were talking about the, you know, attempted murder case we are trying here." & i was all ".....ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! sorry, no."

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