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& billowing smoke.

"ia angroth! gura gura!" shout the blasphemous figures from the battlements, engaged in all manner of perverse, coiling torments. "to the fucking thumbscrews, boys!" they caper & dance & fling down shot upon those camped about their walls. upon the order, screams chime out from the gaol, kept in time by metronomic drums; taunt skin streached over the enormous skulls of some cyclopean race. "up & at the gator-walls!" while the scales of the buildings rippled, flexed beneath the stone, yawned with scythe-like fangs. "utnick fangdorol! ia angroth!" as the serpents fucked the sharks atop the great grinning gargoyle gates.

toll o hollow bells, i guess i mean. i havn't stopped feeling like a pumpkin scooped out & craved for halloween in a little while. this fierce candle makes a mockery of my features, hooray! mike invented these jerky bird people, the carrionfolk, that i've been feeling the warm glow of kinship for the past couple of days. i just feel like tearing at the rotting carcass with my beak i guess. boiling medical instruments before using them. you know, a mix of all kinds of feelings, if you can lowest common denomenator them down to malice. i've been stating up a 16th level star wars character for the fun of it, the old antonio thought experiment. soldier 1/dark side marauder 3/dark force witch 2/sith acolyte 5/sith warrior 3/sith lord 2. other than that, tonight is the opening salvo preparing for jungle woman of the jungle, simon's new off-bedford production. i'm looking forward to that starting up; it is an enjoyable diversion!
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