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The Creche of the Razor Hag.

this might look better on your screen than it does on mine.

on the index finger, that there is the Darkdark, & below it is the kraken mare. on the middle finger is the shattered hulk, the vale of candles, the staircase rift; then below that is the gargoyle's drown. the ring finger shows the scald of cobwebs, & the graves of the spiders (which spill over onto the pinky). that there on the pinky is the cleft mountain, & the barren road leading up to it (a might blow was struck!). south of the kraken mare is the tundra of the white salt worms; below that is the river of blood & algae (which leads to the sea of the last breath). below the sea of the last breath is the scald of dolls; to the left of that is the stones of green shadows & the field of scythes. then further left is the path to the scald of chimes, & the cagogen crucified. over to the upper left from there is the battle field of frogs & mice, & the soft place where the magical bluebird sinilind lives. above that is an un-named sea of fog & wil-o-wisps. they got around the place, or as much as they did get around, in a black carriage with chicken feet (of course). in the middle is the palace of the Wounded Queen; to the left of there are the Six Basalt Towers (he carries his palace with him).
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