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cowboy killer.

how hard can it be to plan a trip to chipotle fridays? sometimes it can be like pulling teeth. i wasn't in the loop about it until the last minute, but somehow ended up being responsible for the who affair in the end? eleventh (11th) hour theatrics? why did you just eat if you knew we were going out to dinner on a double-&-a-half date? you kooky kids! but i think a steady hand at the tiller worked the puzzle out, or at least i hope so. 7:30 saint (st.) marks it is, then. anyhow, things were fun last night. andrew came over after work & watched me beat metal gear solid three (mgs3), & then jenny came home. after andrew left we drank some & tried to watch vh1. very chuckle worthy. we were having a ball. made me feel better about things. not that things are bad, just that jenny's tension means i can't always have my way. but i like having my way! so yeah, still bothered by the lack of physical intimacy, but a good time can balm that. i really don't want to be another stressor in her life. my plan is to be the stress relief, so that normal sexual activities can resume. keeping my fingers crossed that works out.

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